How Student Accommodations in Sunderland Are Changing?

How Student Accommodations in Sunderland Are Changing?

Since the early 90’s Sunderland City has long been hosts to a large number of students. However, the choice of accommodations for Sunderland University students has only changed in recent years.

With legislation, standards and expectations rising, we look at how student accommodations in Sunderland have changed.

Getting comfortable accommodation that is pocket-friendly is vital when coming to study at Sunderland. Many students find that in their first year, they don’t know many people and are quite open to living in busy and vibrant buildings which allows them to make new friends.

Those who stay for the 2nd year have different tastes and needs as they will mainly want to live with friends who they have met in their course.

A lot of final years students also want to live with friends however their requirements will be slightly different as their focus and attention shifts towards final year assignments and exams, therefore would prefer somewhere that is quieter.

Accommodation in Sunderland in previous years:

Sunderland has come a long way in the past few years. Student accommodations have been popping up and the number of student houses has begun to dwindle due to stricter regulations set by the government and stronger competition.

It used to be common for students to share a 4 – 6 bedroom house, where they would fight over toilets and showers, kitchen facilities and who would have the biggest room.

Standards were pretty low because there was no real choice and landlords took advantage by not repairing or fixing the houses up after each year.

As former students of Sunderland in the nineties and the noughties, we’ve experienced living in these accommodations.

Where Cityspace is now, stood a huge 10 floor building called Wearmouth hall, which housed students every year (mainly first year students) and we could remember sharing toilets with other residents… not a nice feeling at all.

The student accommodation in Clanny House has recently been mothballed and only house a small number of residents who are taking short term courses, but still the facilities does not meet the expectations or the standards of modern day students.

The Rise Of Luxury Student Accommodations In Sunderland

Recognising the rising expectations of students, developments such as Jopling House Student Accommodation have begun to attract a lot of attention from Sunderland University students.

With all mod cons as standard, private shower and toilet facilities in every room and range of communal facilities on offer, students have gone for fewer headaches and more comfort.

Bedrooms, Studios And Apartments

All bedrooms come with their own flat screen TV’s, their own fridge freezer (we know some students get the munchies in the middle of the night!), own walk in wardrobe, free laundry facilities and Wi-Fi, electricity bills, insurance all taken care of.

Many students make the easy choice of choosing these accommodations rather than the dated houses that have been on offer to previous generations of students.

Added to the fact that these luxury student accommodations are mainly based in the heart of the city centre, it gives an added benefit that there is always something going on and students are able to go out conveniently whenever they want.

They don’t need to walk a half marathon or get a taxi or bus into town to meet friends or to grab a well-earned cup of coffee after completing their assignment.

Student accommodations nowadays cater to all students regardless of which year they are in.

For first years, there is an opportunity to meet new friends, join a vibrant community such as Groovy Students, have fun and still give keep the personal space that some students crave.

For more mature students, or students in their last year of study, Jopling House has conference rooms and study rooms to get their head down and get work done, giving them a nice quiet place to focus as well as relaxing in our yoga rooms.

24-Hour Security System Enabled

Security has always been a factor in a student’s decision in choosing the right student accommodation. Students have long since been an easy target for criminals as their lack of experience living on their own leave them vulnerable.

Forgetting to lock their doors at night.

Forgetting to close their windows when they go to lessons.

Leaving their bikes unlocked.

These give rise to opportune criminals who make student lives a misery, and it’s a scar that will remain with the student for the rest of their lives.

It is a fact that some criminals will target specifically student accommodations because they know they will most likely be out during the day and on weekends when they let their hair down.

A lot of students move to modern day student accommodations because of these experiences.

At Jopling House, there are 24-hour security staffs on the front door to make sure that such instances never happen. With indoor secure bike storage in the building, CCTV covering communal rooms and the latest access key fob technology, security is never compromised for residents.

Now that you have seen just how student accommodations have changed in Sunderland, it’s fair to say that the choice of where to stay is more than ever.

We always recommend students to do their research before choosing an accommodation, and we always recommend them to view Jopling House last, so they can really understand the value for money they are getting by staying with us.

To book a viewing, fill out your details here and we will arrange a time and date that’s convenient for you.

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